When Cat walks Dog® , Dogs have fun!

Cat offers a wide range of dog walking programs to help ensure your favorite doggy is energized, happy & healthy. Dogs love to be physically & mentally stimulated & enjoy participating in daily exercise routines.

Cat and her doggy clients explore the world, doggy style!

Whether they are visiting the local pet boutique, chasing tennis balls, walking through town or hiking the hills, Cat provides a fun, safe, upbeat, exciting environment designed to stimulate your doggy’s day!

Understanding that each pup has different needs, social skills & exercise levels, Cat also designs custom programs that fit best with both you & your doggy’s schedule & goals.

Cat Walks Dog® offers a range of services such as:

  • Consulting – New puppy? Adopt a rescue dog? Want to improve your dog’s behavior?
  • Puppy care & socialization programs
  • Private & Group walks
  • Dog fitness programs
  • Medication administration
  • Pet & Home Sitting
  • Pet Shuttle
  • Dirty Dog wash
  • Pet food & Supply Deliveries
  • Customized pet care programs available for doggies who need
    extra love & attention


Interested in getting the family a dog? Want to adopt a dog, but not sure where to look? Getting frustrated with your new puppy? Not sure what to do?

Cat can help!

Through defining your family’s life style, goals and expectations Cat will help define the breeds that are the best fit for you, help ‘doggy proof” your home, bring potential behavioral problems to your attention & help institute effective solutions & programs to achieve a happy healthy doggy.


Group Walk Rates:
60 min $30

Private Walk Rates:
30 min $25
45 min $30

Daily Pet Sitting Visits:

Running late from work? Going out of town for the day? Visiting a friend for the weekend?

Cat Walks Dog® will come to your home and care for your lovely furry friend while you are away. Following your pet care routine to ensure your pet is happy, comfy & relaxed is our goal. Services include:

  • Feedings
  • Watering
  • Cuddles & love
  • Medication Administration
  • Playtime
  • Basic home care (bring in mail, newspapers, taking in trash receptacles)

$30 per visit
Please note rates may increase depending on medical care and other specific needs.

In-your home over night stays:

Does your furry friend need additional love, cuddles and attention while you are away? Cat Walks Dog®  offers over night stays with all of the benefits of the Daily Pet Sitting Services PLUS the added benefits of extended companionship and loving security throughout the entire evening! Woof! Woof!

$85 per night

  • Rates listed are based on one pet and may be subject to change due to additional pets and/or specific times & needs.
  • $25 Holiday fee is added to each service. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Easter, July 4th, Memorial & Labor Day.


  • Is well respected and a top quality pet care service provider. Cat prides herself on ensuring your doggy receives the best loving care available!
  • Cat Walks Dog® sends real-time updates to your phone or email while your doggy is in her care.