Cat believes strongly in doing what she can to enrich the lives of as many doggies as possible. Which is why Cat Walks DogĀ® is a strong supporter of Pilots N Paws!

Luckily, there are thousands of wonderful people and rescue organizations who share the same passion & vision as Cat when it comes to helping homeless, sick & abandoned animals.

Pilot N Paws is a unique animal rescue foundation where pilots donate their time & fly unwanted, doomed & medically ill animals from one part of the U.S. to another in order to reach a safe warm caring environment. Pilots N Paws works with many other rescue organizations in efforts to save the lives of innocent animals.

A portion of proceeds for all Cat Walks DogĀ® products are donated towards Pilots N Paws, not only because they are amazing at what they do, but because they assist other animal rescues in achieving our common goal… finding a loving, safe & happy home for the thousands of unwanted animals that are displaced each & every year.

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