Receives 5 bark ratings!!!

It’s always been sad that Cats and Dogs don’t get along. However,
There is a big exception to the rule. Rudy our huge 2 year old
Chocolate lab has a best friend named CAT. He waits by the door for her and when she arrives, Rudy is like a race horse out if the gates.
Actions speak louder than words!!! Rudy knows a good thing with Cat.
She takes him for lunch, the beach and on long play dates with fellow
pup pals. Cat has been friends with Rudy since he was months old. We are so lucky to of found such a wonderful person who loves Rudy as much as we do. Cat is so passionate about her love for dogs and it
shows. She is one cool cat!!!

Bryan & Nadia Corlett

Thank goodness for Cat, or we could never leave Gabby our lovable old Basset Hound or Phoebe, our Tabby Cat behind. We make frequent travels from Laguna to our other home in Hawaii. Cat’s loving, responsible care enables us to have worry free trips.

Best of all, Cat’s daily updates include sweet pictures our pets and cute messages that always assure us our animals are happy and well cared for!

Deidre Arrington

My dogs have never been happier or more in love with anyone in their entire life they literally jump for joy when Cat pulls up in her car.

Cat is truly the best and the only one I trust with my furry kids!


“We feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Cat, of Cat Walks Dog as we both work all day, and have managed to maintain a very happy puppy because of her enthusiastic and loving care. We also use her house sitting services when we have to be out of town. It gives us a huge sense of comfort to know Cat is watching our home and puppy.

Also, we love using Cat Walks DogĀ® grooming products, Abby is so soft & loveable after we bath her with Cat Walks Dog grooming products! You’ have to try them for yourself”

Dana McNeill and Gary Weiner.

Hi Cat,
I wanted to share a compliment about you. My vet is Dr Self at Laguna Beach Animal Hospital. I went in last week for a follow up with Cody and we were talking about going on vacation and dog sitters. She asked me who I used and I said “Cat Fages”. She immediately lit up and said ” I know her and really like her. She brings in her client’s dogs. Her client’s must really like her.” She also said you were really nice and seemed very contentious and responsible! I told her how great you are with Cody and that I would highly recommend you!

Thanks Christine & Cody